We answer some of the faq most common made by those interested in a diving course.

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I have no experience in Diving, I want to know how I start the activity ?

You should start making the initial dive course called PDIC Open Water Diver and you form with solid theoretical and practical knowledge and techniques that allow you to safely discover the fascinating underwater world. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate and diploma as a diver that will enable you to dive anywhere in the world.

Where I can make this course ?

En la Provincia de Mendoza en Argentina se encuentra OCEANICA, Escuela y Operadora de Buceo, usted se puede poner en contacto con nosotros a través de ésta web y consultar las sedes más cercanas a su domicilio, requirements, costos y fechas de inicio de los cursos.

If I want to continue and enabling me to become a professional diving, What I have to do?

In order to continue their training and perform different and interesting diving courses as night diving, wreck, deep, Navigation with compass, equipments, computers, Nitrox, Rescue, etc., should only coordinate with your Instructor Trainer and start. When I wanted to take courses for professional and supervisor, nursing instructor's instructor, OCEANICA le dará todo el apoyo y las facilidades que usted necesite !!! Contact us now by e-mail : info@oceanicabuceo.com.ar

¿En el programa de formación de instructores OCEANICA evalúan mis conocimientos y destrezas como buceador?

His ability in the art of diving is very important, because one transmits only what he knows from experience. We will teach you how to convey that knowledge, techniques, and experiences. But all this mainly based on personal example that instructs.
PDIC methods have been developed after many years of teaching all the students and in all different environments and climates.

With the program you will PDIC abreast of the latest teaching methods that will allow your future students, feel safe and comfortable in their dives. You will learn to recognize the problems your students may have, well as techniques and appropriate actions to be taken by the instructor to correct .

PDIC has developed a comprehensive list of real conflicts to be expected as each exercise and its correction methods are taught.

Where can I register for the program instructor PDIC?

Registration must make in Training Facilities in your country. PDIC has Training Facilities and Trainers Instructor over 20 countries as well as 25 American.

In Argentina, OCEANICA es su Training Facilities PDIC

PDIC? Organization is an internationally recognized ?

PDIC has over 140 Trainers Instructors and thousands of instructors worldwide. PDIC is a founding member of the universal WRSTC member referral program, CMAS Center OCC, Sponsor of the Divers Alert Network.

PDIC is internationally recognized as the “Agency quality training '.

What opportunities meet in the dive industry besides the academic area ?

While doing the program OCEANICA PDIC instructor will begin to expand your horizons about this fascinating activity, can penetrate and be a professional PDIC, in marine biology, archeology, Professional photography and video, preservation, Diving operational management, and many other things.