Diving Courses

Seleccione un Diving Course para ver todas sus características, main objectives, where develop, requirements, individual and group prices, and it provides a brief description of their curricula in some options, con la cantidad de horas teorico-practicas de cada Diving Course ofrecido, PowerPoint presentations, and practices with diving equipment.

Also, all Diving Courses are under standards and certifications PROFESSIONAL DIVING INSTRUCTORS CORPORATION of U.S.A, which guarantees an international education, con profesionales altamente capacitados con reválida vigente y matrícula activa. También podrá ver información sobre los instructores a cargo de los Diving Courses, attaching different training, the number of dives in different conditions, both at home and abroad, and their performances in clubs, resorts, lakes. Haunted Lagoon diving girl

Cursos de Buceo en general

Sports Diving


  • Dry Suit Diving
  • Buceo con Scooter
  • Diving under ice
  • Orientation with Compass
  • Buceo en Apnea
  • Specialist Equipment
  • Photography and Video U / W
  • Archaeology U / W
  • Search and Refloating
  • Diving Height
  • Deep Diving
  • Diving Shipwrecks
  • Diving Medical Program
  • Diving Computers

Cursos de Buceo para Bomberos


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