Oceanica in Easter Island

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Del 14 to the 22 December,,es,It is our second trip of the year to this fantastic island located in Polynesia,,es 2017, fue nuestro tercer viaje a ésta fantástica Isla ubicada en la Polinesia. Las mejores visibilidades del mundo debajo del agua. Uno de los lugares más impactantes declarado por la Unesco como patrimonio de la humanidad !!!

Known as "the center of the world" and is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is the most remote island in the globe, the nearest town is two thousand miles away. The capital of the island and is the only urban center Hanga Roa. It has a surface near the 180 square kilometers and a population of about 3.800 people.

The Easter Island It is a territory of Chile, a magical place, famous for sus antiguas Moai statues. These were carved into volcanic rocks between 900 and 1500. The Rapa Nui National Park, where the Moai statues, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage historic.

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